About me

Very recently bereaved, I have been the devoted doggie mummy to my darling Milly since October 2009.

Milly was so complicated, so unique and so special that I need to tell her story, and the limitless bounds of a blog seems like a good place to start.  The big blank screen of wordpress is mildly terrifying to an accountant & project manager… usually more at home in a spreadsheet or a powerpoint, word is generally reserved for angry letters to utility companies.  But alas, writing is good for the soul, and as my soul needs a large dose of healing I thought I might give it a try.

For those who know me well this page will not surprise you.  Many of you were alongside me on my journey from regular surrey girl to elite dog-avoiding ninja, and will remember what we went through.  Newer friends will have heard some tales, which I can now tell with fondness rather than frustration, but may be shocked to realise that when I said “we have to hide behind wheelie bins” I really was not joking.

If you are new to me – to us – hello & welcome.

Having barely mastered facebook & insta (twitter is still beyond me, and snapch-whatttt?) blogging is totally out of my remit.  On completion of thorough research (2mins on google) I have learnt that there are whole sites devoted to blogging etiquette.. who knew!  Other than a reminder not to steal anyone else’s work, the most useful tips I’ve seen are “be personal” and “be honest” (from the kinsta.com complete guide on blogging rules & etiquette for success)…

I cannot promise you timely posts, inspiring quotes or breathtaking photos – but, as in all things, I will do my absolute best to be 100% authentic and genuine me.

However you found this, whoever you are, I hope you enjoy my memories so far.

because Milly